Wolves captain Conor Coady blasts VAR after his side succumbed to two close calls against Liverpool

“It is still confusing, I can’t get my head around it, you don’t get ­answers on the pitch. It is horrible for me, it is tough to take. A lot of people say it has come to the right decision but what is it an armpit or a toe? Anthony Taylor gave no clarification of what’s going on.​

“It is so tough to take, it has happened twice to us in the last two games against probably the best two sides in the world.​

“In the second half we controlled the game and nullified Liverpool to hardly anything, but it is so disappointing that we are stood here talking about VAR rather than the game and the way Wolves played.”​

Wolves’ manager Nuno said he wanted to discuss his side’s admirable performance more than the technology, but said it was wrong officials who are not in the stadium get the final say.​

“I don’t want to mention anything about VAR. But the decisions are being taken by a referee who is miles away from here – miles and miles – looking at a TV screen. He does not feel the game, he is not at the game,” said Nuno. “What we don’t want is what just happened. At Anfield they have a fantastic club, fantastic fans, a fantastic stadium … and we are celebrating a ‘non-goal’ … come on.”​