Two children among dead as mayor orders hundreds of high-rise inspections

Jason Pizzo, the state senator, said that he wanted the law to be changed to enforce stricter and more frequent inspections.

“We do need a statewide look, either by statute, by rule or by policy, and it really needs to incorporate two completely separate things,” he said.

“You have an environmental situation which is completely different than the design and construction, so, what I want to be mindful of is that it’s not just the age of a building that may deteriorate over time, but also the geographic location.”

Residents up and down the coast of Florida are now demanding to know if their buildings are safe. However, residents of high-rises near Champlain Towers South have not been evacuated, and some have said they are so concerned that they are finding alternative accommodation.

Lawyers expect that the deadly collapse will prompt legislative change to existing building codes, much like Hurricane Andrew in 1992 resulted in stronger regulations across Florida.