Towie star channels Prince Harry as he embraces therapy

The documentary followed Joey through his therapy sessions. For a time, he was resistant to the process and told the therapist that he didn’t trust him; I found myself thinking that this was not Joey’s fault, and another therapist might be  a better fit. However, he persisted, and by the programme’s close had made great strides.

Tina was ever-present, an elegant beauty appearing in old photographs and home-video footage. The programme did not explore her story, focusing only on Joey. He spoke to his father about the panic attacks that he had as a child, and which they had not discussed since: “I was hoping you forgot,” his dad said.  “Not nice memories, are they?”

Prince Harry explored some of  the same territory in his recent Apple TV+ series, saying that nobody talked about his mother’s death or the grief that followed. Some cited that as evidence that the Royal family is cold-hearted. But, as Joey’s story showed, most families dealing  with bereaved children are simply doing their best in the worst of circumstances.