The best induction hobs for every budget

When my dad first switched to induction he wouldn’t stop going on about it. Initially, I was a bit sceptical, preferring to cook over flame. I’ve tried his Bosch induction hobs a few times, and, while it took a while to get used to – as I think would be the case for anyone making the switch – I’m converted. 

“I didn’t have to change my cooking habits too much, just some of my pans,” he tells me. “But Bosch sent me four free pans – decent ones too – and I already had some which were suitable.” 

“It’s very easy and simple to operate, and you get instant heat control like gas. I’ve found it very simple to clean, even during cooking, as you can touch the ring and all you feel is a bit of heat, you can’t burn yourself!”

There are four hobs, all controlled from a touch-screen section where you choose your heat. The only negative, one which applies to them all, is you can’t take the pan off the hob and maintain heat. For example, when tossing a stir-fry, if you remove the pan you’ll lose heat, though it returns pretty much instantly. A minor point, really.