Suez Canal blocked by huge container ship after it runs aground

The Suez Canal in Egypt was blocked on Tuesday after a massive container ship ran aground.

Traffic through the busy waterway was halted in both directions by the 400-metre long and 59 metre-wide cargo ship.

The blockage caused a pileup of at least 100 vessels seeking to transit between the Red Sea and Mediterranean, according to ship brokers and mapping data compiled by Bloomberg.

Julianne Cona, who posted a picture on Instagram of the Ever Given from a nearby vessel, said the “ship is super stuck”.¬†

“They had a bunch of tugs trying to pull and push it earlier but it was going nowhere. There is a little excavator trying to dig out the bow.”

The Ever Given is registered in Panama and was en route to Rotterdam from the Yantian in China when it got into difficulty.

According to online reports, the vessel had travelled through Taipei and Malaysia, and was scheduled to arrive in Rotterdam at the end of the month.

It arrived in the Suez Canal on Monday night before getting stuck on Tuesday. It remained jammed early on Wednesday.

The Ever Given’s bow was touching the canal’s eastern wall, while its stern looked lodged against its western wall.

Several tug boats surrounded the ship, attempting to push it the right way.