Saga Holidays resume – but only for travellers with ‘full vaccine’

Airbnb has been criticised for promoting group properties in Scotland, despite the country’s lockdown being extended yesterday, until February.  

The short-term letting company is currently advertising more than 300 properties in Edinburgh alone, The Scotsman reports – though any non-essential travel is currently prohibited. 

Writer David Weinczok, a local resident, took to Twitter to complain about groups staying in the city: “Cheers to @Airbnb for taking bookings at the height of a pandemic – currently 89 in New Town/North Edinburgh alone. 

“Before you say it could be for essential purposes etc. tell that to the group of 10+ drunk, shouty lads who kept me up the last two nights. Reporting them today.”

However, Airbnb has issued a statement emphasising that stays are only offered ‘in line with Government guidance’.

It reads: ‘There are lockdowns in place across Scotland and stays on Airbnb are only available in limited circumstances, in line with government guidance. This is made clear on our website, which restricts bookings to these legal exemptions.’