Reopening all schools would bring ‘very real risk’ of a second peak, warns Dominic Raab

The Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer, has said he would support the use of face masks in some public settings once lockdown is lifted.

Sir Keir said the question of whether face coverings should be required in public is “coming down the track”, as he called for the Government to make their position and guidance more clear.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast Sir Keir said: “I think that it is inevitable that when we lift lockdown we will probably need them.

“Where people can’t socially distance, perhaps on public transport.”

He added: “I think its more likely to be mandatory in places where you can’t guarantee social distance, on a bus on a tube, where you’re not in control necessarily of the situation that you’re in… 

“It’s obviously coming down the track and we cant put the decision off much longer.”

Mr Starmer added he was hoping to speak to the Boris Johnson about the issue this week.

“I do genuinely want to talk to the prime minister about this because there are slightly different views coming out of the Government on this,” he said.

He added that if face masks were required, supply chains must be guaranteed to ensure front line workers have the protecting equipment they need.

“What I don’t want is a position where protective equipment… which is needed on the front line, isn’t on the frontl ine because of supply problems.,,,

“What’s the (Government’s) principal position, what’s the guidance and what’s the plan to make sure we’ve got what we need where we need it?”