Release date, price, rumours and all you need to know about Apple’s new 2019 phone

Not everyone is convinced, but some Apple fans on social media have pointed out that its latest iOS 13 beta software now shows a new design for its charging cable when you go to plug your iPhone into a MacBook – this might suggest its charging tech is about to change?

Keeping the Notch, for now

Apple is expected to keep the distinctive “notch” at the top of its smartphones, which holds the front facing cameras and its technology for its FaceID scanning feature.

However, analysts from Credit Suisse have said they expect the 2020 iPhone to have a more radical front-end redesign, doing away with the notch and several other key features.

Other iPhone rumours

Apple Pencil support?

According to reports from Taiwan’s Economic Daily News, Apple may release an Apple Pencil stylus for the new model. Apple first launched its stylus for in 2015 for its iPad range, allowing users to draw on screen or take notes and it has quickly become a popular tool for its tablet range. 

But there have been rumours, or at least hopes from Apple enthusiasts, that it could one day come to the iPhone, while rival flagship phones, such as Samsung’s Galaxy Note series, have already added stylus support. While many are unconvinced by this rumour, it has been given credence among some analysts, including a recent research report from Citi which said it expects support for the Apple Pencil in the top two iPhone models.