Metal detectorists accused of stealing £3m haul of Anglo Saxon coins and jewellery after finding it in field

“You will see images of 30 coins but it’s the prosecution’s case there were many more coins recovered by Powell and Davies, and all we have is a fraction of what was gathered together 1,100 years ago.

“On some of the coins you can see a lozenge shape sitting within a cross. This is known as a cross and lozenge.

“The size of each coin is that of a one penny piece.

“Another type of coin has what looks like two heads. This is known as a two emperor. Two emperors are of great value.

“There is also a Louis the Pious coin, a very ancient coin from Iran and a silver penny.

“The coins came from two separate areas of England. Some are from the time of King Alfred who at that stage was the King of Wessex.

“Others are from a king you may not have heard of – Ceolwulf.

“At the time Davies and Powell were digging in the ground at Eye Court Farm, they took some pictures and its those pictures that were subsequently recovered and show there were far more than 30 coins in the ground.

“It’s estimated there are something like 300 coins.

“Powell and Davies did not tell the farmers but they did tell Wells, who had an interest in such items.”