Martina Mondadori on her personal uniform

In this ongoing series, we speak to women of all ages about their wardrobe staples, beauty routines and the secrets of great style. This week, Martina Mondadori, founder of Cabana Magazine, shares her style advice…

Q. What’s your personal uniform?

A. A colourful (and often printed) blouse with jeans or a pleated skirt – I’ve been wearing it since my mid-20s.

Q. Which pieces do you spend the most on?

A. I love anything that is cut well. I’ve found that a well-tailored piece always makes the difference – and makes for a good investment.

Q. And the least?

A. Jeans. I like them straight cut and white.

Q. What are your go-to brands?

A. Vintage YSL! Gucci for pleated skirts and shoes, Ulla Johnson for blouses and boho dresses and Stephan Janson for evening dresses.