Lesbian Vampire Killers, the stinker that broke James Corden and Mathew Horne

“In one year we spent 263 days together and we went from that to nothing,” he continued. “We didn’t speak for a few months. We both had to find and establish ourselves outside the two of us.”

Horne, meanwhile, has been a bit more curt. In 2016, he told The Mirror: “James remains a friend and never wasn’t a friend. We have remained friends ever since we met. We have done various bits of work together and now we are both off doing other things.”

While ambiguity continues to surround the pair’s present-day relationship (Horne recently shut down a journalist’s question about their rumoured feud), there is little ambiguity about Corden’s view on Lesbian Vampire Killers.

Asked by HeyUGuys in 2014 if he had any career regrets, Corden replied without hesitation. “Lesbian Vampire Killers!” he said. “If a crystal ball could arrive, I would have probably passed on that one, I think. I mean there’s too many to say, too many mistakes, but those are the things that make you stronger and make you want to be in other things that are good… It’s s___. It’s so s___. It felt s___ at the time, but no one could have ever imagined quite how s___ it is.” He has also joked that watching the film would be too harsh a punishment for prisoners in Guantanamo Bay.