Foreign holidays to restart on July 4

Hopes have been raised that the low-cost airline, which collapsed in March after failing to secure government rescue support, could return to service. 

A senior advisor to US investor Cyprus Capital told  an Australia newspaper that the UK regional carrier could fly again. 

Cyrus Capital was among the investors in the Connect Airways consortium which took over Flybe in 2019. It had planned to rebrand Europe’s largest regional airline this year as Virgin Connect in a strategy to concentrate on feeding Virgin Atlantic’s hubs at Heathrow and Manchester.

Jonathan Peachey, a Cyrus Capital advisor who played a key role in creating Connect Airways to acquire Flybe, told The Australian: “It’s definitely not the case that we have abandoned Flybe,” 

He added: “Cyrus is doing everything it can, along with the other consortium members, to ensure that a business emerges that can re-hire the many thousands of employees who were dependent on it.”

Flybe handled eight million passengers annually but was hard hit when travel screeched to a halt as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Thousands of flights were grounded as a result of lockdowns and travel restrictions. Many carriers are now resuming service, with flights planned from July 1. 

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