Edward Colston statue retrieved from Bristol Harbour and taken to ‘secure location’

The statue of Edward Colston has been retrieved from Bristol Harbour and taken to “secure location” after it was thrown in the water by Black Lives Matters protesters.

The monument was pulled from the water by workers from the city’s council on Thursday morning.

It is set to be moved into a museum.

Bristol City Council said it would let residents decide what would replace the statue of slave trader Colston.

The local authority said: “Early this morning we retrieved the statue of Colston from Bristol Harbour.

“It is being taken to a secure location before later forming part of our museums collection.

“As we run a working harbour, the statue needed to be removed.

“Thank you to Bristol Harbour and Bristol Museum and the salvage crew for assisting us.

“Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees shared yesterday that what goes next on the now empty plinth will be decided democratically by Bristol’s citizens.”