Donald Trump’s impeachment trial is a ‘politically motivated witch hunt,’ defence say- live updates

Donald Trump’s defence team will begin setting out their case today, and have up to 16 hours across two days to argue their points.

However, all indications suggest that they will only take as many as four hours.

If that is the case, later today, we could see the House move on to four hours of questions and answers with Senators.

After that, and probably tomorrow, there is the opportunity to debate on witnesses, evidence and any further motions, but these are all likely to be skipped.

That means that on Saturday, or possibly Sunday, there will be four hours of closing arguments followed by the vote on impeachment.

To convict Mr Trump Р67 Senators, including 17 Republicans would have to turn against their former leader. This is incredibly unlikely, as so far only around six have indicated that they will vote to convict.