Do not drive to test your eyesight like Dominic Cummings, police warn

Three dozen inmates in Salvadoran prisons have tested positive, health authorities said on Monday, adding that strict health and isolation protocols would be implemented to halt the virus’s spread in the facilities.

Twenty-five inmate cases were diagnosed in a prison holding more than 1,200 inmates in the department of San Vicente, Osiris Luna, director of the country’s prison system, told a news conference . The Quezaltepeque prison near the capital, which holds 1,980 prisoners, registered 11 cases, he added.

“We have begun treating and isolating these people,” he said. “There is an area for isolation in every prison.”

Conditions in Salvadoran prisons have come under greater scrutiny after the government in April released startling photos of hundreds of jailed gang members stripped to underwear and pressed together in formation, drawing strong criticism from human rights groups.