Boris Johnson faces ‘full-scale Cabinet mutiny’ if UK lockdown isn’t enforced

By Nick Squires in Rome 

Greece has just gone into an Italy-style lockdown, starting at 0600 local time today.

Under the measures imposed by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis Greeks have been ordered to stay at home. 

The only valid reasons for venturing out are to go to work, to shop for food or to collect medicines from a pharmacy.

People are allowed to be outside for exercise or to walk their dog, but only if they keep their distance from others. They must carry their passport or ID card. These are almost identical to the emergency measures introduced by Italy last week.

The lockdown was announced on Sunday night by the prime minister in a TV address. 

Mr Mitsotakis thanked “the vast majority of citizens” who had followed existing quarantine instructions which were imposed more than a week ago but criticised a “frivolous, flippant” few who “put everyone in danger” by defying the orders.

“We have to protect the common good, our health,” said Mr Mitsotakis. “We should not reach the point of having to choose who lives and who dies.”

Greek police will be out in force to ensure people comply with the new lockdown regime.

Greece has not yet been badly affected by the outbreak – it has around 600 infections and 15 people have died. But after a decade of austerity and economic contraction, there are acute concerns over wheth er the health system could cope if the numbers increase.