All 12 Quality Street chocolates ranked from worst to best

Outraged cries of “shrinkflation!” have echoed through the streets over the years with news that boxes of Quality Street are getting smaller. In the last ten years, the nation’s most seasonal chocolatey staple has dropped in weight from 1,200g in 2009 to a weedy 720g.

And, most chillingly, the consumer body Which? has reportedly discovered that you’re only likely to find “five to six” of the much-loved Purple One in each box.

With there not being an option to customise your own tin of Quality Street at John Lewis & Partners this year, the real wise men (and women) know not to sit patiently as the tub slowly circulates the room this Christmas, but to get in there fast, bundle your nan out of the way, and grab as many of the good ones as you can in one go. In the spirit of goodwill, and so you know exactly where your darting hands should be aiming, we thought we’d correctly rank the treats inside from worst to best.

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12. Orange Creme