Airlines will not issue refunds on Spain flights despite quarantine measures

There have already been reports of UK holidaymakers scared by the late imposition of restrictions on Spain choosing to cancel trips later in the summer. 

Lee Hunt, managing director of Deben Travel, said he has already received calls from customers concerned about travel in September

However, he says, the Government was right in changing the Foreign Office advice for mainland Spain. 

“I do actually feel the government made the correct decision in implementing the travel ban to mainland Spain and 14 quarantine on returning,” he told Telegraph Travel. “We must put the health of travellers first and indeed the health of the UK.

I just can not understand however the blanket approach, the Balearic and Canary Islands should be removed and just causes confusion for those currently overseas and those soon to be travelling.”

He said he believed Britons will now be put off travelling “knowing how quickly things can change.”

“From our perspective it now looks like a good decision we made on June 29 not to book any new overseas trips for July and August,” he said. “A huge financial impact to us as business but not the worry many agents will have today with customers due to travel.”