A mesmerising royal scandal delivered by a master interviewer

It began with a virtual hug, which must have been tough because these two are definitely huggers. They’re also friends and neighbours, and it was difficult to believe that the questions weren’t mapped out in advance, although Oprah insisted that they were not.

Meghan is not the only one with an acting background, and Oprah (an Oscar nominee) knows how to deliver a line. “Were you silent or were you si-lenced?” was a beauty, as was her reaction to the bombshell that a member of the Royal family had raised concerns about how dark Archie’s skin would be. “WHAT?” she gasped. “Who… WHO is having that conversation with you?” It made for terrific drama.

There was no preamble about how the couple met or any of that stuff that Oprah knows we know. She knows we want the dirt. ITV had bought the show wholesale from CBS and it was a very American affair, from the dramatic music to the cliffhangers going into each ad break.

If Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop did interviews, this would be the result. A beautiful Californian setting, a glowing duchess, a carefully-choreographed series of revelations that shared the couple’s pain but ended on an uplifting note. And the news that Archie’s current favourite word is “hydrate”.